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Podiatry Physiotherapy

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Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery of the Foot
At the DyN Podiatric Clinic, we have a large team, consisting of podiatrists, physiotherapists, surgeons and experts in biomechanics. Therefore, we do not settle for eliminating the pain of our patients, we want to ease their return to normality and prevent problems from recurring.

Rehabilitation and Podiatric Recovery at the Dyn Clinic in Barcelona

Neuromuscular Bandage
The Kinesiotape ® or neuromuscular bandage is a relatively new method to help the treatment of muscle and joint discomfort. Widely used in sports, at Clínica Podológica DyN we have the latest improvements and technologies in the treatment of the foot.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
After surgically intervening a problem in the foot, a treatment must be followed to ensure that the problem does not recur. For example: after operating a bunion, you have to follow a treatment to prevent the bunion from appearing again. If you have operated on your feet, we recommend that you visit us, if you have not been properly explained what treatment you should follow after the operation.

Pediatric Problems
The treatment of the foot in the child requires special care. Alterations such as walking in intraversion (walking with the tips of your feet inward), flat feet, tendon or muscle pain, frequent falls, etc... are pathologies that tend to resolve with age, but require a diagnosis and an exhaustive control to ensure that the child's development will be correct.
Recuperació Rehabilitació

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